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Professional Profile

I am an HCPC registered occupational therapist with 19’ years’ post-graduate experience in community rehabilitation and NHS settings and four years’ experience in private case management services. I am an occupational therapist with specialist training in assessing the impact of disability on an individual’s function in activities of daily living and subsequent care and equipment needs. I have an objective approach to assessment and have skills in motivational interviewing principles that help me to gain the co-operation of others. I have excellent communication skills and proven and extensive experience in home visiting and carrying out face to face consultations with clients. I am practised and experienced in referral processes to specialist resources such as GP services and/or social services and third-party resources. I am experienced and proficient in justifying assessment findings and experienced in using I.T. to produce reports and to update records. My extensive knowledge of medical conditions and their impact on individuals’ daily living tasks enables me to analyse subjective information and provide a credible prognosis of the clients’ wellbeing over time, which I currently utilise to plan interventions and formulate reports. I demonstrate a respectful attitude with clients and am able to adapt and adopt an empathetic approach in difficult circumstances. I always practise reflection skills and use constructive feedback from clients and colleagues, as well as supervision, to improve my work performance and continued professional development.


Current Roles

·        Private occupational therapist and joint founder of Dynamic Juo (DJOT) and Client Centred Occupational Therapy Practice (CCOTP) with fellow occupational therapist Jodie Hillier, based in South Wales. We cover a wide geographical area of Wales and England.

·        Associate case manager of a case management company based in South Wales.


Key Competencies

  •   Assessment expertise

  •  Clinical lead responsibilities 

  •  Excellent communication skills

  •   Legislative and clinical knowledge

  •  Excellent interpersonal skills

  •   Professional integrity

  •   Excellent clinical reasoning skills

  •   Excellent observational skills

  •  Adaptive skills that embrace change and new developments

  •   Excellent organisational skills

  •   Clinical educator

  •  I.T literate

  •  Excellent written and spoken English

  •  Objective approach and ability to cope well under pressure

  •   Self-motivated and committed to continued professional development



Career Summary

July 2005 - Current post occupied: Specialist Occupational Therapist in Community Rehabilitation



Educational achievement

·        Qualified in Occupational Therapy (OT) at degree level awarded the year 2000

·        Professional registration awarded by The Health and Care Professions Council

·        Registered member of the British Association of Occupational Therapists

·        Evidence of recent learning and continued professional development (CPD) at a higher level

·        Clinical Educator

·        Manual Handling Trainer

·        Specialist Seating Assessor

·        Continuing Healthcare Assessor

·        AGORED Cymru Assessor

·        Clinical Supervisor

Clinical Duties and Responsibilities

·        Specialist knowledge underpinned by theory, evidence-based practise and CPD

·        Sound clinical reasoning and problem-solving skills/techniques

·        An autonomous practitioner with self-management skills, responsibility and accountability

·        Professional multi-disciplinary role

·        Identification and assessment of occupational needs/problems – to gather information from a wide range of sources and analysis through observational interview and individual discussion. Use standardised/non-standardised assessment tools to identify functional needs in the areas of self-care, productivity and leisure.

·        Accurately record assessment methods and outcomes, professional judgements and decisions and identify areas for further assessment, appropriate intervention, and negotiation with other agencies.

·        Critically reflect on practice.

·        Demonstrate the ability to accept the standards of others without prejudice and regardless of race, religion, politics, socio-economic background and lifestyle.

·        Demonstrate attitudes that ensure the expressed needs and choices of clients and carers become the focus of the care management process.

·        Reflective practitioner


·        Demonstrate professional confidence and effectively report outcomes of assessment and intervention

·        Ensure records are accurate and up to date as per legal requirements

·        Demonstrate the ability to be proactive and contribute to the debate on professional issues

·        I.T. skills

·        Complete home visits and effectively communicate the organisations and OT role and purpose to service users

Managerial Role

·        Supervisory role

·        Critical appraisal and recommendation responsibilities for OT service delivery

·        Responsibility for maintaining stock, advising on resources, audit and managing petty cash.

Clinical Governance

·        Use established theories, models, frameworks and concepts of OT.

·        Consider National Service Frameworks and cultural diversity within the community

·        Work to a professional code of practice – confidentiality, clinical supervision, consent to treatment, record keeping

·        Understand and work to departmental policies and procedures

·        Participate in continued CPD, audit, outcome measures, research, stats, performance reporting and evaluation

·        Effective presentation skills and methods


·        Ability to maintain high levels of concentration, alertness and awareness

·        Lone-worker trained

·        Empathetic and confidential awareness and approach

·        Duly aware of Health and Safety responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act


Employment History

April 2002 – June 2005 – Senior Occupational therapist – Neurology – Rookwood Hospital, Llandaff

September 2001 to March 2002 – Occupational Therapist: Clinical speciality – Rehabilitation – Stroke Unit – West Wing, Cardiff Royal Infirmary

June 2001 to October 2001 – Occupational Therapist: Clinical speciality: Integrated Medicine Secondary Care -University of Wales, Heath Cardiff

October 2000 to June 2001 – Community Occupational Therapist – Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC)

March 1991 – September 2000 – Home carer – Cardiff County Council, families and community care



Professional Development

  •   Health and Safety

  •   Manual Handling

  •  Safeguarding Children

  •  Fire Safety

  •   I.T trained Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher

  •  RCOTSS-IP Vice-Chair

  •  Specialist seating

  •  POVA

  • Home Visiting Protocol

  •   Disability Rights UK Mentor


07896151835- Jodie  / 07966279920- Dora

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